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avatar for Heather Austin

Heather Austin

Position Defender of the Dub
Location Charlotte, North Carolina


avatar for Christopher Ayres

Christopher Ayres

Christopher Ayres has been working professionally in theatre, television and film since the age of 6. His work has been seen Regionally, Nationally and on Broadway. He currently works as a voice actor for ADV FILMS and FUNimation ENTERTAINMENT.


avatar for Greg Ayres

Greg Ayres

Greg Ayres can usually be found rockin’ out somewhere, whether animated or not. From the loud-mouthed Hideki in Nerima Daikon Brothers, to Koyuki, singing with the the band in Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad, he’s always glad to shake things up a bit. He is thrilled to be able to include Aoi Miyoshi in Night Raid 1931, Naoi in Angel Beats, Kouta Tsuchiya in Baka and Test, Seikechi Tayama in Oh Edo Rocket, and Abe in Big Windup to his list of new roles.



Melody Barkhimer

Location Johnstown, Pennsylvania



McKenzie Barton

I will be at table P2 in the Artist Alley selling Pokemon Cosplay Ears and Tails! Come check my table out. Team Rocket might be there to Blast off into Space!
Location Sandwich, Massachusetts


avatar for Christopher Bevins

Christopher Bevins

Since 2001, Christopher Bevins has recorded, cast, directed, produced, acted in and/or adapted scripts for nearly 100 anime series, movies and specials.

Outside of anime, Chris’ interests include magic, crosswords and comic books… But mostly the comic books. In fact, his comics collection is old enough that it should’ve gotten a job and moved out of the house by now.


avatar for Richard Bradford

Richard Bradford

I produce cosplay music videos, do photography, compose songs, present podcasts and Mixlr radio shows, and generally waste time online.
Company Zenkaikon
Position AMV Programming Coordinator
Location Lancaster, PA


avatar for Lawrence Brenner

Lawrence Brenner

Location New York, New York




avatar for Imani K Brown

Imani K Brown

I wanna ink you & take over the world ... AT THE SAME TIME

INDIAN PUSSY Ink & Art Fan Page



PINZ-n-NEEDLEZ Tattoo Fan Page
Company OtakusandGeeks.com
Location DMV.NYC.Philly.Atl.CA.London.



Brooke Brydge

( ノ ̄∀ ̄)ノ☆ 。゚★ 。゚☆
Oh, don't mind me. I'm in my own little world



Jeffrey Burkey

So, these days I'm an assistant manager at Gamestop. I have my BA in biomed engineering. I work, play games, read, hang out with the GF, and that sort of normal day to day thing.
Location Rockville, Maryland


avatar for T. Campbell

T. Campbell

An ex-stage actor and failed Internet shut-in, T Campbell has written eighteen gazintillion pages of comics, won some awards and gotten high-flying writers to praise his work, so if you don’t love his series, it’s probably your own damn fault. Besides Guilded Age, his series include Quiltbag, Penny and Aggie, Fans, Rip and Teri, Widgetitis, Divalicious and Cool Cat Studio, plus about fourteen seconds’ worth of work for Marvel and Archie. He spends his “spare time” designing crosswords, dancing with the stars and seeking the Anti-Life Equation.







Christian Castor

New People.



John Cerillo

Location New Brunswick, New Jersey





Theresa Chea

I love Jpop and anime dances! See my dance covers at http://www.youtube.com/xxnekochii

I also love drawing and crafting. I post my artwork and cosplays on Deviantart: http://tyresa.deviantart.com/


avatar for Michelle L. Chrzanowski

Michelle L. Chrzanowski

I am an information professional with ten years of experience with libraries (academic, public, school, special), government, and non-profits. For many years my specialty was youth services in a public library setting where I mainly served the tween and teen populations. In this role I provided reference services, homework assistance, created engaging displays, provided entertaining and informational events, and technology instruction. My focus has since changed to digital content management which includes cataloging, document indexing and abstracting, taxonomy management, database management,… Read more
Company NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Program
Position Content Management Analyst
Location Hampton, VA


avatar for Victoria Cooper

Victoria Cooper

Tyler gave the rules.
Without death, we would have nothing.
I'm the Zen master.

I'm a geek.
Company Cinepolis
Location San Diego, California



Bruno Corazon

Location Washington, District of Columbia


avatar for Danielle Corsetto

Danielle Corsetto

Danielle Corsetto is the creator of the hit webcomic “Girls With Slingshots,” a weekdaily strip about two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus.

She also created “The New Adventures of Bat Boy” for the Weekly World News, following the honorable Peter Bagge after his run on the strip.

This is Danielle’s second year exhibiting at Katsucon and she’s excited to return! Danielle hails from Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where she lives in a 230-year-old farmhouse with two cats, a goldfish, and a billion pounds of tea.



Kisa Cosplay

Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Aaron Croy

Company American Water Heater Company
Location Johnson City, Tennessee



Amy Crystal

"I am what I am, and that is all that I am" ~ Popeye "If I cannot fly, let me sing." ~Joanna from Sweeney Todd "Go team sea slug!" GO RAVENS!!!!
Location Owings Mills, Maryland




avatar for ashley dauma

ashley dauma

I love to read and write fiction stories. I like to draw, although I am not too good at it.



Gabrielle Davis

Company National Institutes of Health (NIH)



Marzanne Blastoise DeLapp

I'm kind of a loser, if you haven't noticed(; Tumblr addict. Message me your url if you'd like me to check your blog. c: Yes, I am a bunny. All-American Rejects <3 Please recycle ;) screamo/classic rock/techno/dubstep. Friends&music are my life, enough said. <3
Location Falls Church, Virginia


avatar for Anthony DeRobertis



Akasha-Régine Gabriella Diaz

"During times of rapid change, your worst enemy is experience."

I'm all over the place. Honestly, people think I have ADD at times. But I'm a good friend that's listens, is loyal, and tries to help the best way possible. I'm a mutt, which means i'm multiethnical. I'm wild, crazy, fun, and a party animal. I'm also kinda violent at times, but don't be afraid of that. I'm good person, to those who are good to me.
Location Washington, District of Columbia



Lindsay Renji Dickens-Culmer

My name Lindsay A.K.A Renji ^_^.

I am currently in college Majoring in Biology with hopes to become a Vet. I am currently attending Prince Georges community college.

I love looking at anime and listening to Music but I love Asian Dramas more.

Location Temple Hills, Maryland




avatar for The Clockwork Dolls

The Clockwork Dolls

When The Clockwork Dolls emerged onto the Steampunk music scene back in 2007, their mission was simple: To create music that serves not only as a source of recreation, but as a storytelling vehicle as well. Utilizing epic orchestral music and operatic vocals, The Clockwork Dolls established their presence in Steampunk music early on and were considered one of the pioneering bands to labeled under the “Steampunk” genre, along with the Vernian Process, Abney Park, and the Unextraordinary Gentlemen.





Rebecca Donoghue-Rick

Other Hetalia cosplayers
Company Fast-Track Drugs and Biologics, LLC
Position Clinical Data Specialist
Location Frederick, Maryland



Robert Doswell

Location Washington, District of Columbia



Jeremy Dove

Be strong in the Lord and, Never give up hope, You're going to do great things, I already know, God's got His hand on you so, Don't live life in fear, Forgive and forget, But don't forget why you're here, Take your time and pray. Teacher, Learner, Fighter, Lover.
Location Charlottesville, Virginia





Steven Durbin

Location Glen Burnie, Maryland



Lauren Edwards

J-Hop, thrift store cosplay, manga, Pocky, Nintendo 3DS Streetpass, cosplay prop making, gundam models, taekwondo, harry potter, MST3K
Company District of Columbia Bar
Position Continuing Legal Education Program
Location Washington, District of Columbia



Catherine Engel

"Where everything seems possible, and nothing is as it seems"
Location Lillington, North Carolina


avatar for Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar has voiced over 300 characters and is well known to fans starting with ‘ROBOTECH’ in which he played ‘BEN DIXON’, ‘LUNK’, ‘GREL’, and now ‘CAPT. VINCE GRANT’ in ‘ROBOTECH: THE SHADOW CHRONICLES’ , which he also directed.

He is the voice of ‘BATOU’ in all things ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’.

Most recently he’s in a brand new series from Nickelodeon, ‘AVATAR: THE LEGEND OF KORRA’.



Kaitlin Iggy Estepp

Human skin, can be hard to live in Throw me a dream please, it's been a dreamless sleep For such a long time, such a long time Sing myself awake Watch the branches break No one could ever take your place Wash your face in the lake You've got a diamond under your skin ~
Location Trenton, New Jersey



Tombe Etoile

“You’d make the perfect Toy Soldier”
Location Millersville, Maryland



Grier Evans

A kinda-sorta-not really normal girl... I`m.....a fruitloop. But that`s besides the point. My name is Grier, and I am nothing but a minor learning the secrets of life around me. -moment of genius- I'm a very clever and whimsical young lady who does voice acting in her spare time, drinks too much tea for anyone's comfort, and likes to think she's classy.
Location Martinsville, Virginia



Melissa Falcone

>w> -Steals your wallet.- I cosplay. I work. I'm short. Deal with it.
Location Quincy, Massachusetts



Sola Fatodu

I'm an interesting girl who loves to sew, cosplay, anime stuff, and just wondering around. When I'm not doing that I'm listening to my friends and helping them with problems (I hope). Sometimes (most of the time) I give scarcasm and sassiness but I hope they know I care.



Jae Feldmeth

Location New York, New York



Helene de Fer

Hallo, my name is Helene de Fer and I'm a pirate.
Isn't that how all good stories start? Come aboard the Dame de Fer and journey the skies with us. But be careful: we just might put you to work.

I am the vocalist and lyricist for the band The Clockwork Dolls. You can learn more about us at www.theclockworkdolls.com!
Location Baltimore, Maryland


avatar for Super Art Fight

Super Art Fight

Birthed at Katsucon just four years ago after a group of crazed artists engaged in a round of special hugging, the self-described “Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe” truly is unlike any other live event touring today. Super Art Fight is best described as a mixture of Pictionary and Pro-Wrestling, with larger than life personalities battling each other on the canvas, creating unbelievable art right before your eyes! No two shows are ever alike, so get ready for a once in a lifetime event!



Ariel Finkelstein

Rel Fortuna Adiuvat
Location New York, New York



Petar WV Fitzpatrick

Boku no Petar. ぼくの ピタ dog




avatar for Chris Flick

Chris Flick

Chris graduated from Radford University in 1991 with a graphic design and commercial illustration degree – which he put to use by being everything from a silk-screen illustrator, newspaper production artist and an advertising agency graphic designer. In between all of those gigs, he has continued to find work as a freelance illustrator and caricaturist.



Krystyn Fortune

ハードゲイ~ Hooooo! I'm Krystyn.
Company PetSmart
Location Richmond, Virginia



David Fray

i am a guy in the army stuck in the hood .
Location Fort Hood, Texas



Alexandra Friedman

"I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." -Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken
Location New York, New York





Viga Victoria Gadson

A lot of labels, but they're all under Viga.
Location Washington, District of Columbia



Troy Emerson Gale

Company Turnabout Musical Produtions
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia


avatar for Deborah Gallion



HomieKenobie Garrett

I like stuff
Location Baltimore, Maryland



Sterling Getchell

Location Cheshire, Connecticut




avatar for Giusseppe Gonzales-

Giusseppe Gonzales-

I'm a guy. I can be shy, I can be shy, I can be a derp, I can be a herp, I will be kind at all times. ^w^

I haz accent so soooo sorry if you can't understand me or something Q v Q

Company FandubMX Oficial
Location Germantown, Maryland


avatar for Garth Graham

Garth Graham

They just say how professional he is as he lurks in modest internet fame, churning out captivating comics since 2004 in an artistic style that mystically abducts the essences of both western comics and eastern manga; blending them together through patent pending methods into an addictive drug that tantalizes the optic nerves in ways science has yet to be able to explain.


avatar for Josh Grelle

Josh Grelle

A native Texan and avid anime fan, Josh Grelle was raised on stage and in the art studios of Central Texas. He performed on stage at the Tin Building Theatre for over 15 years prior to starting work for ADV Films at the start of 2004. Since then he has acted/starred in over one hundred different titles and worked for such studios as ADV Films, FUNimation Entertainment, Okratron 5000, 48 Windows, Amusement Park Media, Warner Bros. Studios, and Seraphim Digital.



Ashley Hackley

Company Cumulus Broadcasting
Position On-Air DJ/Board Operator
Location Fairfax, Virginia



Courtney Hafner

I'm courtney just know I'm a critical and moody person who still can be sweet and fun. i have been called many things by many people but ill let you come up your own idea of me, untill then.



Jeff Hall

Location Springfield, Virginia



Jennifer Marie Hall

♥ August 31st GO LANCERS! :D SUP! I'm Jen and I'm a sophomore at Longwood University. I am studying for a degree in Criminology and hope to become a parole officer or work with juveniles. I love to be immature and crack jokes at everything. I'm extremely forgetful and clumsy and can fall over standing still x_X haha. I love animals, just not cleaning up after them.
Location Farmville, Virginia


avatar for Yaya Han

Yaya Han

Yaya Han is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer with 12 years of experience. After discovering cosplay at her first con over a decade ago, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day Yaya has made 200 (and counting) costumes in the genres of anime/manga, comic books, video games, sci-fi and of course from her own original designs. Her intricate and lavish creations have won many awards and acclaim world wide, and Yaya has been featured in a myriad of magazines, websites, and television programming.



Connor Hartraft

i love call of duty, halo, Saving Private Ryan, things that go boom, animation (japenese not american), talking sponges, Nickleback, Iron man, punching small animals (just kidding...for the most part), and my friends. i hate people who smoke, people who think about smoking, drugs, drunk drivers, spawn killers in call of duty, gay cartoons (Especially Johnny Test!!!), professional golf, most music that don't have electric guitars, and so on.
Location Chesapeake, Virginia



Katie Hartraft

I'm Katie, In 8th grade, and I don't enjoy popcorn! (a lot)
Live oOoOoOo
Laugh XD
╔═══╗ ♪ ♫♪♪
║███║ ♫ ♪♫♫♪
║(●) ♫ :O XD DX D: CX XC C: :C =^-^= (


avatar for Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert is a Los Angeles-based anime and video game voice actor whose credits include Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), X Men Arcade (all male voices) and Gurren Lagann (Kamina). He is best known as the Narrator and Teen Gohan from Dragonball Z. Other notable roles include Soul Eater (Masamune), Ouran High School Host Club (Kazukiyo Soga), Fullmetal Alchemist (Vato Falman), Tales of Symphonia (Richter Abend) and Star Ocean (Dias, Arumat, Crow).



Josh Herstein

Location Bowie, Maryland



Matthew Hias

Company William and Mary School of Law
Location Williamsburg, Virginia



Selene Hino

I'm a upstart to the world of cosplay and Photography. I love having people look at my photo and costume. I one day would love to go to Germany and do a huge photoshoot with my friends or just of the cosplayers there.
I’m a east cost cosplayer and soon to be crossplay, I have been cosplaying for two years now and going to con for two years.
Company Angelina Durless (Red Madam)
Position Maid/Butler for
Location Upper Marlboro, Maryland



Dominique Hinton

Those songs that describe my life at the moment Im on pursuit of happiness i know everthing that shines aint always gonna be gold ill fine once i get it ill be good-kid cudi Cheers to the freaking weekend I'll drink to that yeah- Rihanna I always fall for your type- Jamie Foxx Girl you talk too much,Shut Up- Big Sean One you never heard of, I... Push it hard to further the... Grind, I feel like murder but... Hip Hop has saved my life- Lupe Fiasco
Location Glenn Dale, Maryland



Jane Hopkins

Location College Park, Maryland



Elora Hostler

i love cosplaying and im deep into anime :3



Kira House

I am a child of God, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a mother of the most beautiful thing in the world to me.
Location Broadway, Virginia



Jeremy A Hunt

I love everything about geekdom and am a regular attendee of Katsucon and Otakon! I am extremely excited this year and hope you all come to my panels!

Here they are!


Company The Home Depot
Location Baltimore, Maryland



Joey Techie Hunter

Music = my life My life = awesome transitive property of mathematics: Music = awesome. I refuse to fill this out I will not I shall not You can't make me. Wanna know something about me? Talk to me sometime lol.
Location Ellicott City, Maryland



Chris James

Company Rider University
Position Student Research Assistant
Location Mercerville, New Jersey





Netasha Johnson

Christian, daughter, artist, friends, silly, failed, and compassion basically sum me up. Most times I am Netasha, but people know me as IndigoAngelCat or Failkat.
Company Precision Bioservices
Location Frederick, Maryland


avatar for Nick Johnston



Rob Steiner Jr

I'm a very open-minded, fun lovin' guy who is totally laid back and is in a good place in my life. Need a good friend to talk to, or need some company? I'm your man. I also work in NYC doing web development. Fun times, especially when I get go to GoGo Curry or Midtown Comics on my lunch.

I love retro games, Barcade in Jersey City, anime, drawing, living life the best I can (or, reasonably within my budget). I have some of the best friends around, and I love meeting new people. If you see me, be sure to say hi!

Enjoy the con everyone.

Favorite Shows: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Avata… Read more
Company Foundry9
Position Interface Engineer
Location Cranford, NJ


avatar for Phil Kahn

Phil Kahn

A longtime Professional Neckbeard, Phil Kahn has spent a few years writing for various Webcomic, Webcomic Criticism, and Webcomic Enthusiast sites, and is now trying to take his accumulated knowledge and put it all to good use on Guilded Age. While building a daytime career as an IT Support Specialist and Pokémon Trainer, he also spends a great deal of time practicing silly voices/faces in front of a mirror for the inevitable day where the only thing that can save the whole of humanity from certain doom is his impression of Henchman #24


avatar for Wenny Kang

Wenny Kang

Company Urban Sheek



KTV - KatsuconTV

The KTV - Katscucon's video department is looking forward to providing film coverage for the convention, and to interviewing the guests, staff and attendees!
Location College Park, Maryland



Anna Kawczynski

I danced ate central PA youth ballet for 4 years and dancing ingeneral for 11. I absolutely love NCIS and anime. i want to become a forensic scientist and i want to go to boston University and be awesome :)
Location Mount Airy, Maryland



Angela Kelly

Location Dallas, Pennsylvania





Iridescent Kiss

“Anyone who says that gratuitous sex is no substitute for gratuitous violence obviously hasn't had enough gratuitous sex." -Geoff Spear
Company Retail
Position Manager
Location Washington, District of Columbia


avatar for Studio Kojokan

Studio Kojokan

The husband and wife team of Daniel and Jillian Coglan are full-time martial art instructors, specializing in 16th century Samurai arts. When not teaching at their dojo, the Kojokan, they travel the United States performing and teaching the ancient ways of the most famous warriors in history.

With a combined 35 years of experience, their show is a unique blend of history, combative skill, and humor, designed to educate and entertain audiences both large and small.



Erin Laue

I live in Baltimore, Maryland, and have family nearby, as well as in Colorado, Oregon and Washington State. My husband and I just bought and built a Ryan Homes townhouse, and will be moved in by January 2011. To sum me up, I would say I am a cheerful optimist, a devout atheist, an doting wife, a hard-working employee at my job and a procrastinating layabout at home, an animal lover, a manga lover, and a food lover. I enjoy people with a sense of humor, and do not enjoy people who are selfish. I'm hoping to reconnect with some old friends and perhaps make some new ones!
Location Baltimore, Maryland

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